Mission & Vision of EANN


The mission of the European Association of Neuroscience Nurses (EANN) is to enhance and develop the competence of European neuroscience nurses by improving the exchange of information between nurses across Europe. In realising the mission of our Association optimal patient outcomes will be promoted leading to improved standards in patient care throughout the European community.

With the launch of the working groups in 2016, the momentum has continued and the aims and objectives of the groups have been cemented by agreeing on a directory of recognised principles and values. These will establish a framework to guide further work streams in the future.


Our vision for the future is that the European Association of Neuroscience Nurses will be easily accessible to every neuroscience nurse in Europe and that knowledgeable, competent and skilled neuroscience nurses will deliver nursing care.

The Benefits

As an EANN member you will be part of a group of neuroscience nurses who have the opportunity to share knowledge, ideas and resources across Europe. Other benefits include:

  • Having access to up to date information relevant to neuroscience nurses
  • Being invited to an annual EANN meeting to share your ideas and learn from neuroscience nurses across Europe
  • Being able to network with European Neuroscience Nurses
  • Receiving information about your speciality and profession to help improve patient care